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IACARII ACROBATI are pleased to offer:

  • Airshow management;
  • Airshow displays;
  • Team building;
  • Advertising.


If you wish to train with AEROBATIC YAKERS here are some training programs:

Advanced Flying Training with AEROBATIC YAKKERS


For this training which includes: unusual attitude recovery, spin training and aerobatic courses, Aerobatic Yakkers uses YAK 52TW, a two setter advanced aerobatic airplane rated to plus 7 and minus 5 Gs.


Aerobatic Yakkers flight instructors are highly trained professionals with years of competition and airshow experience. The instructors are not here to show how well they fly, they are here to provide the highest quality training you will ever experience in the classroom and the cockpit.


All training courses are conducted in Aerobatic Yakkers offices and hangar located in Bucharest – Cliceni Airfield or on the sunny beaches of the Black Sea flying from Tuzla Airfield (LRTZ).

Safety through Education – The Courses

Instruction to Tail-wheel Aircraft and YAK 52TW procedures – 2000 Eur
10 hours Ground school / 5 hours in flight

Flying a tail wheel aircraft will definitely improve your stick and rudder skills. Learning to fly a tail-dragger is one of the most rewarding experiences in flying. The skills you will learn in this course will make your landings better in any airplane you fly, and you will finally discover the purpose for those pedals on the floor.

Unusual Attitude Recovery -  1000 Eur
4 hours of ground school / 3 flights

Dedicated to promoting safety, Aerobatic YAKKERS team strongly encourages all pilots to complete a course in unusual attitude training. Without proper recovery training instinctive reactions can potentially place the aircraft in further danger. This course is designed to develop the pilot’s awareness of unusual attitude recovery procedures and boost confidence. Learn the best method for recovery to normal flight and develop a strategy for handling upset conditions. This course is also an excellent introduction to mild aerobatics.

Stall/Spin Recovery – 1000 Eur
4 hours of Ground School /3 flights

If you find yourself in an accidental spin, you need to know exactly what to do to save your life. If your idea of spin recovery is “just let go of the controls”, then you definitely need this course. Inadvertent spins come about due to improper control inputs and are completely avoidable. In this course you will learn to recognize the conditions that causes spins, spin prevention, spin entry, and spin recovery procedures – focusing on normal upright spins.  Inverted, flat and accelerated spin training are also available for the advanced pilot.

Basic Aerobatic Course – 6000 Eur
15 hours of ground school / 15 flights

This course introduces the pilot to the exciting world of aerobatic flight. Designed for the beginner this basic course focuses on the basic Aeresti maneuvers – loops, rolls and spins. Develop judgment and discipline that will improve your skills as you explore the freedom of flight in all axes. Learn about aerodynamics of aerobatic flight and physiological effects to the pilot. Strong emphasis is placed on recovery from ”botched” maneuvers and spins. Basic aerobatics is one of the most beneficial and gratifying flying courses we offer.  

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